I Signed My Agreement, Now How Do I Pay?

I Signed My Agreement, Now How Do I Pay?

Some of the biggest questions and concerns many of our clients have revolve around fees, billing and how the payment process occurs generally.  This article aims to answer the most frequently asked questions that we receive surrounding this subject. As always, if you have a question not covered in this article, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. With the exception of some practice areas (such as bankruptcy or contingent fee cases), we generally break up our fees into a payment plan.

How Does the Payment Plan Work?

Monthly payments are due every 30 days. We do not bill on a particular day of the month, we bill based on time. So, it is possible for two payments to be due in the same calendar month. For example, if you have a payment due on May 1st, it is possible to have another payment due on the 31st of the month because 30 days will have lapsed.  However, clients will receive all their payment plan invoices in advance so all payment due dates will be known at the time of retaining the firm.


When Do I Make the Initial Payment?

Once you complete the first step in retaining us, signing the agreement, and sending it back to us we will generate your invoice for your initial payment. Once completed, you will receive an email and SMS message with directions on how to make your payment.  Once the initial payment is complete, we then place your case in our workflow and get started.  


When Is the First Monthly Payment Due?

Monthly payments start 30 days from the date the initial payment was made.  Then, payments are due every 30 days after that.  All invoices are generated immediately after the initial payment and forwarded to you via email so that every payment and due date is known well in advance. 


What if I Don’t Have an Email?

We understand some Clients may not have an email address. Although it is preferred that clients obtain access to an email, we can still get the agreement via USPS with a postage paid return envelope. You can simply send the agreement back with a check, money order or cashier’s check.  When we receive it, we will process your invoices and mail the invoices back to you. One for each payment due with its due date indicated on the invoice. We encourage you to put these somewhere accessible so they can serve as a reminder of when you need to mail payment.    


Why Hasn’t My Payment Processed?

This is a common question that could have one of many possible answers.  This most common answer to this question is that the payment occurred on a weekend and has yet to reflect in your bank account. Other times it could be simply that the payment did process but the receipt was filtered to your spam inbox.  Sometimes, it could be that the payment was rejected by your banking institution for any number of reasons.     


I Do Not Have a Credit Card. What Can I Do?

If you do not have a credit card, you can send us a money order, check or cashier’s check and we can process them for you that way as well.  Additionally, you can always visit one of our locations if you would like to pay in cash. Please call ahead so we can ensure we have someone in the office to receive you.