About Us
Starks Law, P.C. was founded by Travis L. Starks, Esq. in 2017 with 2 principles in mind. Take every effort for every client and Bring modern solutions to today's legal issues and challenges. Since opening, Starks Law P.C. has been rapidly growing and we firmly believe that this growth is due, in large part, to the firm's unwavering determination to become an example of a truly modern law firm employing modern solutions to today's unique problems.

The core service area that the firm was founded on was Consumer Debt. This area has remained one of the primary areas of focus to this very day. Due to the tremendous success in this area, the firm has also expanded into other practice areas while incorporating the successful firm management and case management strategies developed in Consumer Debt.

You have choices. Plenty of them. A simple internet search will reveal dozens, if not hundreds of attorneys to choose from. Often times though, there just isn't anything that sets them apart. They often share the same details that they believe sets them apart. "We have x years of experience and we will fight for you!". We have more that sets us apart though and we believe this unique aspect of our firm is of great benefit to our clients. That is our incorporation of technology.

Since day one, this firm has looked to increase the amount of processes handled by modern solutions wherever possible. We employ software and automated computer processes to assist in routine tasks at every step. This allows us to focus less on management tasks and more on the legal strategy to help get you the best outcome possible. How do we know that this makes us unique?

Because our software is proprietary. We created our software apps from scratch here at Starks Law. From our Case Management apps down to our billing software, our software is unique to us. No one else has them. Sure, some other firms might use some software they bought off the internet for some aspects of their cases, but the difference is this. We wrote and continuously improve our software to help handle our cases the way we believe they need to be handled. We don't have to change the way we do anything about our cases to fit or conform to how purchased software behaves.

Why is this a big deal? Simple. Because we can do more in less time. At the end of the day, when you hire an attorney or law firm, you are paying for their time. Additionally, especially in the areas of Consumer Debt, your adversary is often a large corporation utilizing advanced software themselves. We believe it is important to have a law firm on your side that understands this.

In the coming years, we plan to increase our footprint inside of Pennsylvania while also expanding into other states. We believe we are truly helping individuals and we want to continue to grow so that we can be there when we are needed.

We also intend to increase the number of attorneys here at Starks Law to further expand our practice areas and ensure that whatever you may be facing, you have a strong firm to help.