What Happens After Getting Arrested For DUI?

What Happens After Getting Arrested For DUI?

What Happens When Arrested for DUI?

When you are arrested for Driving under the influence there are different procedures used by the police depending on the time of day, and your level of cooperation with the police. If you are arrested during the work week at a time that the courts are open for regular business the police will bring you before the closest Judge for arraignment. The arraignment is the court procedure for the setting of bail. As a first offender the most likely outcome is you will be released without having to post any money. You will be given a summons to appear back in the District Court for your Preliminary Hearing.


What Happens If I Was Arrested For DUI At Night?

            If you are arrested at night or on the weekend the police will bring you to the police station and gather your information such as address, date of birth, social security number, phone number. The police may also take your photo and fingerprints. If you have been cooperative the normal procedure is to either allow you to call someone to come and pick you up or take you home if you live in the locality. The police will inform you that you will receive a summons and the criminal complaint in the mail.


When Will I Get My Summons For DUI?

            The summons for the preliminary hearing and criminal complaint often take several weeks to arrive at your home. There are two reasons for this delay. The first reason is the officer needs to complete the paperwork including the affidavit of probable cause. The second reason is the cause of the longest delay, waiting for the lab report to come back on the blood test. Due to the volume of blood to be tested the labs are often backed up. This delay does not mean that you won’t be charged or there is some problem, it is perfectly normal. If your fingerprints and photos were not taken at the time of the arrest you will also receive a fingerprint order from the District Court Judge. It is important that you comply with the fingerprint order.  You should use the time waiting for your paperwork to obtain an attorney.


What Should I Do After I Get My Summons For DUI?

A great first step would be to speak to an attorney.  Starks Law offers free, no obligation consultations for DUI.  You can call today and have your questions answered by an attorney with over 25+ years of experience handling matters just like yours.  With a DUI arrest, you have options but you must act on them.  Pick up the phone and let us help you get the best outcome available.